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Blush Colour Infusion Powder Blush
Blush Colour Infusion Powder Blush
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What it is: A long-wearing, sheer powder blush that provides 10 hours of buildable, natural-looking cheek color for all skin tones. What it does: Pure color pigments feel weightless and apply evenly to skin for a healthy-looking flush of color that lasts 10 hours. Infused with microfine powders, this next-generation formula can build from a diffused, sheer hint of color to a bold color statement. It's designed to layer as flawlessly with liquid or powder makeup as it does on bare skin. For Laura, beautifully made-up cheeks are an integral component of The Flawless Face because they're not an accessory in the ways eyes and lips are. Whether she does major eyes and lips or nude eyes and clear gloss, she always applies color to the cheeks from barely there to fully flushed. How to use: Before your blush, always set your skin first with a translucent powder for an even and smooth application. Pick up product with a blush or cheek color brush. De-saturate the color on the back of your hand to distribute pigment evenly through the bristles. Apply to the apples of your cheeks in soft, sweeping, circular motions and blend for an even and sheer application. For a bold look, release more blush color by gently tapping the bristles on the cheeks or re-prep the brush and repeat application. Focus on the center of the apple and build the color to the intensity you desire. .0.2 oz. .Made in Italy .Item #5678611